Why You Need Tπ

You combine political and investment information to inform your own decisions and advise clients. But how well do you incorporate economic analysis of policy? We provide that missing piece to help you derive insights before others do.

We’re Ph.D. economists with deep understandings of how public policy is made and how it interacts with firms, markets, and economic fundamentals.

Investors, entrepreneurs, attorneys, consultants, policy analysts, lawmakers, and journalists around the world call us for economic insights from Washington, D.C. We want to make our information and observations available to you.

We're Different

We strive to understand economic questions deeply. For example, we don’t just write about the growth of cloud computing, we actually use it to analyze terabyte-sized datasets. We don’t just write about blockchain, we minted our own cryptocurrency. We don’t just speculate on privacy tradeoffs, we estimate how much people actual value elements of privacy around the world in multi-country surveys.

We stay true to our economic roots. We’re on top of the economic literature, publish in and review submissions for peer-reviewed journals, and use the newest analytical tools. This level of commitment to data and technology allows us to make insights others cannot.

You Benefit

Analysis is stronger when datasets are combined in unique ways. Similarly, integrating our economic approach with your own perspectives can help you derive insights you may not have otherwise considered and nobody else will.

What You Get

  • Carefully curated updates and economic analyses of key policy debates in D.C. and elsewhere
  • Access to TPI content two days before it is publicly available, including our in-depth, empirical research papers
  • Exclusive access to livestream of TPI events (excluding the Aspen Forum)
  • Discount on registration to TPI’s premier Aspen Forum conference